120U Listening Instruments (pr.)





Remember when Mom used to say that good things come in small packages? Guess what, she was right. However, there is nothing small about the sound of this little beast ... In fact, the 120U is our most versatile speaker, capable of astonishing sound reproduction, whether it be in a home theatre setup or anchoring a high quality 2-channel system. 

The unique construction of the 120U, including full magnetic shielding, allows for easy room placement. They can be wall mounted with brackets, dropped on a bookshelf, or set up on stands. Like every other member of the Tetra family, the 120Us employ perfectly matched components that are very easy to drive (a benign 8 Ohm load). Further, utilizing only a single proprietary capacitor on the tweeter ensures that every musical nuance and explosive detail gets through and provides you, the listener, with a 'Tetra moment.'


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