Tetra High End Speakers Gallery

606 high end speakers

 Tetra 606s A.K.A. "Thee Fraboni," our ultimate high end speakers!

manhattan high end speakers

Tetra 306 high end speakers with some snacky high end tube amps.

Manhattan high end speakers

A Rio, Brazil view to match the Tetra sound!

best high end speakers

Another music legend praising our high end speakers.

best high end speakers

Grammy Award winner, Rob Fraboni choosing thee capacitor!

best speakers

Tetra 406 high end speakers anchoring a very nice system.

Kieth Richards gets to meet Adrian Butts, founder of Tetra High End Speakers

Keith Richards gets to meet Tetra Founder, Adrian Butts!

kieths high end speakers

One of Keith Richard's custom Tetras in base of custom travel case, as he did not

want to leave his new high end speakers at home while he toured most of the time.

Tetra's GM Ray Chastenay and Herbie Hancock share a

"knock-knock" joke at the helm of Herbie's world-class home studio.

(upper left and centre are the 505 Centre Channel and 506 tower high end speakers.)


  Tetra 505 high end speakers

Adrian, Benny Golson and his Tetra 506 high end speakers.