High End Speakers or Finely-Tuned Listening Instruments™?

Tetra Speakers has been making finely-tuned listening instruments™(high end speakers) since 1994. From the beginning, it was musicians and music producers who stood up and shouted about Tetra's refreshing take on sound reproduction.  Because of the many unsolicited accolades coming in to Tetra Speakers, it soon became apparent that these musical minds were the hands-down choice for Tetra to reference as critics. After all, these were the people who created the music in the first place.  As an example, Herbie Hancock was seen pointing at his Tetra high-end speakers exclaiming... "I knew that I played that note but I thought that the note was somehow 'dropped' in the studio. But now, on my Tetra speakers, that note is back!!"   Others, like noted producer Rob Fraboni (Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones), musician/engineer David Torn (David Bowie, Tony Levin) and Dr. Ron Carter (the world's most recorded Jazz bass player) have also experienced their own eureka moments while listening to their Tetras. Music critic/writer John Kelman (All About Jazz, ECM) was so inspired by listening to his favourite music on Tetra high end speakers that he quickly began a new column for All About Jazz that he dubbed 'Rediscovery'. 

Scientifically, Canada's National Research Council (NRC) operates an anechoic chamber. The chamber was built to help design and test Canadian speakers and high-end speakers from around the world. The NRC found Tetras to be a phase-correct true 8-ohm speaker with zero distortion: a first! And while the NRC was very helpful in confirming our electrical design we truly believe that the true litmus test for uncovering the complexities of music reproduction accuracy doesn’t come from the computer measurement of a test tone. Instead, Tetra believes that the finest measure of a speaker comes from the living and breathing music-makers themselves.

In keeping with our 'music for the sake of music’ philosophy, Tetra focuses our promotional efforts around events such as Toronto's Jazz festival, Ottawa's Youth Orchestra Academy and the Harlem School of the Arts. It is in these areas where Tetra Speakers seeks to support musicians.  Be sure to visit Tetra's blog to learn more about the things we do for the love of music.  

In the end, it is easy to be impressed by Tetra's high-end speakers.  Given our precision design and manufacture, our ear/mind-developed crossovers and our unprecedented and highly valuable access to the best musical minds, you are guaranteed an unparalleled sound experience. 

So order your Tetra Listening Instruments today and get  rediscovering your music for the very first time.